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Connecting Everyone with Second Chances

Through CESC Health Services, we are able to provide a holistic approach to healthcare to revolutionize treatment options and care for individuals in our community who have always been underserved and misunderstood.

We offer free health care or health services to our clients at our medical clinic and dental office at The Kearney Center, where we’ve been able to conduct over 19,000 clinic visits, provide clients with necessary medical and medication assistance, and offer dental services.

Health Services

Dental Office

We know there’s a direct connection between oral health and general health. To set clients up for success, the CESC Dental Office provides residents of The Dwellings, Westgate, and The Kearney Center long-term, continuous dental care.

Services are available free of charge to qualifying individuals and include:

  • All Oral Hygiene Services
  • X-rays
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Extractions
  • Fillings

Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8 am-5 pm and closed for lunch from 1 pm-2 pm.

The patient eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Must be a CESC program participant and Leon county resident.
  • If the patient has Medicaid, they must first try to access Medicaid’s dental care.
    There must be a barrier blocking access to be eligible for our office.
    (Example of barrier: no provider in the area)
  • The patient must also fall below the 200% federal poverty guideline before deductions.
    (see chart)

Family Size Monthly Income
1 $2,082
2 $2,818
3 $3,555
4 $4,292
5 $5,028
6 $5,765
7 $6,502

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